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The IT Services department supports education, research and administration by providing services relating to information and communication technology. It also runs the extensive infrastructure, information systems and applications required for this.

Nine sections are responsible for providing a broad spectrum of ICT-services: ITS ICT-Networks (NET), ITS System Services (SD), ITS User Services (BD), ITS Software Services (SWS), ITS Multimedia Services (MMS), ITS Service Delivery (SDL), ITS Services for Departments (S4D), ITS IT Procurement & Portfolio (PPF), as well as ITS Scientific IT Services (SIS).

IT Services Organisational Chart (PDF, 42 KB)

ITS Management  
The ITS Management: Peter Jäggi (ITS SDL), Luca Previtali (ITS S4D), Dr. Matteo Corti (ITS BD), Armin Brunner (ITS MMS), Dordaneh Arangeh (ITS PPF), Dr. Rui Brandao (ITS Director), Dr. Giorgio Broggi (ITS SWS), Dr. Bernd Rinn (ITS SIS), Jürgen Winkelmann (ITS SD), Dr. Armin Wittmann (ITS NET), Roland Dietlicher (ITS Directorate), from left to right / from bottom to top.
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System Services

User Services

Software Services

Multimedia Services

Service Delivery

Services for Departments

IT Procurement & Portfolio

Scientific IT Services

The IT Services department reports to the Vice President of Human Resources and Infrastructure.

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