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The Environmental Commission is responsible for the operative realisation of environmental management at ETH Zurich. It sets the environmental objectives, initiates measures and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on behalf of the Executive Board.


Name Department
Reto Suter
Management of the Environmental Commission
Susann Görlinger
Management of the Environmental Commission, Deputy
Katherine Timmel, Environmental Officer
Wolfgang Seifert, Energy officer
Real Estate

Departmental representatives

Name Department
Leonardo Degiorgi D-PHYS
Nikita Kobert D-CHAB
Peter Frischknecht

Representatives of the central organs

Name Department
Christine Bratrich ETH Sustainability
Dominik Brem Real Estate
Roland Dietlicher IT Services
Omar Kassab ETH Sustainability
Urs Nussbaum
Hans-Peter Schärer Facility Management

Responsible Executive Board member

The Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weidmann

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