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The Teaching Commission is an advisory body of the Executive Board. In the context of the development of ETH Zurich as a university it is responsible for managing the innovation of teaching and learning in the educational division.

The focus of the Teaching Commission is to support teaching innovation and projects in the framework of Innovedum. The Commission proposes focus themes for the development of teaching and learning to the Rector, which are posted at ETH as calls for proposals. The Commission also initiates, assesses and prioritises teaching and learning innovation projects, and monitors them. A further important task is to keep track of developments in teaching, learning and learning technology at the university level and to see that this knowledge flows into teaching and learning practice. Last but not least, the Commission may address special teaching-related issues on behalf of the Rector.

Members of the Teaching Commission



Scientific Staff

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Samuel Bickel AVETH


Schedule of Meetings

Spring Semester 2017

Date Time Room
Monday, March 20
1 pm - 3.30 pm HG E 42
Wednesday, May 17
8.30 am - 11 pm HG F 50.3

Autumn Semester 2017

Date Time Room
Friday, Octobre 20 12am – 2.30 pm HG F 50.3
Friday, Decembre8 1pm – 3.30 pm HG F 50.3
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