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The Lecturers' Conference (KdL) is composed of six members of the General Conference of the Faculty Members, one representative from each department, and the Rector. It advises the Executive Board on all matters which concern the faculty as a whole and represents faculty interests, e.g. by issuing position statements on consultation issues.

The Lecturers' Conference can deploy a committee and can appoint subcommissions and working groups to prepare or address specific matters of business.

ETHistory 1855-2005: Lecturers' Conference (in German)

Legal basis (mainly in German):
Art. 30, ETH-Gesetz (ETH Law);
Art. 60, Organisationsverordnung der ETH Zürich (Organisational Ordinance);
GO Gesamtkonferenz (Geschäftsordnung der Gesamtkonferenz und Gesamtprofessorenkonferenz sowie der Konferenz des Lehrkörpers (By-laws of the ETH Zurich General Conference of the Faculty Members, the Professor's Conference and the Lecturers' Conference).

The “KITE Award” (Award for Key Innovation in Teaching at ETH) is announced in uneven years and conferred in the respective following year.

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