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University Assembly

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Based on the principle of equal representation, the University Assembly (Hochschulversammlung) is a body made up of elected representatives from the four university groups.

University groups

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Lecturers’ Conference (KdL)

Academic Association of Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (AVETH)

Union of students at ETH Zurich (VSETH)

Staff Commission


The following permanent commissions have been set up to advise the Executive Board:

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Strategy Commission

The Strategy Commission advises the Vice President Research and Corporate Relations and the Executive Board on developing the strategy for ETH Zurich. It consists of five representatives of the professorial staff and one representative from each of the three non-professorial university groups.

Teaching Commission

The Teaching Commission is an advisory body to the Executive Board. It is responsible in areas of teaching innovation management ("teaching and learning") in the context of the university development of ETH Zurich.

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Research Commission

The Research Commission supports the Executive Board in research matters. It examines applications for funding for research projects and acquisitions using ETH Zurich finances.

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ICT Commission

The ICT Commission advises the Executive Board on the procurement and use of information and communication technology resources. It also defines and prioritises measures for implementing ETH Zurich’s overall ICT strategy.

Risk Management Commission

The Risk Management Commission advises the President and the Executive Board on matters relating to risk management, risk financing and insurance. It regularly assesses the risk, damage and insurance situation at ETH Zurich and supports the university’s various institutions in coordinating and organising risk management.

Investment Commission

The Investment Commission advises the Vice President Finance and Controlling on decisions relating to investment strategy and the management of third-party funding by external asset managers. It also monitors compliance with the investment strategy.

Ethics Commission

All research studies involving work on human beings that are carried out by members of ETH Zurich and do not come under either the Therapeutic Products Act (Heilmittelgesetz) or the cantonal law on patients (Patientengesetz) must be assessed by the Ethics Commission at ETH Zurich before trials begin.

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Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is responsible for the operative realisation of environmental management at ETH Zurich. It sets the environmental objectives, initiates measures and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on behalf of the Executive Board.

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Other groups

In addition, there are various groups at ETH Zurich dealing with specific issues, such as these:

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ITEK (IT Expert Commission)

ITEK (IT expert commission) is a board of experts at ETH Zürich dealing with issues relating to IT.

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Information Security Officer Boards (ISO Boards)

Two boards are working on the continuous improvement of and the strengthening of the awareness for information security at ETH Zurich.

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Pensioners Association (PVETH)

The Pensioniers Association of ETH Zurich (PVETH) was founded in 1976 by a group of retired ETH employees. Its aim is to foster inter-personal relations among the retired employees of ETH Zurich and its four research institutes by organizing social and cultural events.

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