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In an increasingly networked world, the risks also become more complex and can assume global proportions. It is important to identify, understand and model these risks in order to be able to react more effectively to crises.

Risk research
Whether it is natural disasters, food shortages or financial crises: With its interdisciplinary risk research, ETH Zurich is helping to ensure that strongly interconnected social systems can be better protected from crises.

That is why ETH Zurich has combined its expertise in the Risk Center, which is intended to become one of the world’s leading centres for interdisciplinary risk research and integrated risk management; there are also various research institutions focusing on different areas. The over-riding objective is to improve the management of risk portfolios and develop innovative ways of making strongly interconnected social systems more resistant.

From traffic jams and climate change to the origins of wars: ETH researchers are investigating cascade effects in socio-economic systems and the associated risks. Under the auspices of the Zurich Information Security Center, ETH experts are studying the security gaps in computer systems and working on sophisticated encryption techniques and better operating systems. The ETH RiskLab combines expertise in mathematics, finance and insurance and carries out quantitative risk management to produce guidelines for banks and insurance companies. The findings obtained from the research on risks relevant to society are made available to the general public in a variety of ways. A whole range of publications and advisory services are available to support both professionals working in this field and government departments in Switzerland and abroad.

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