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Many of the achievements of modern society have only been made possible by the development of new materials. Materials research at ETH Zurich makes an important contribution to this work.

New materials
The development of new materials leads to innovations, for example in semiconductor technology: the production of structures which combine silicon with monolithic germanium will revolutionise many areas, not just parts of the X-ray technology.

Controlling and manipulating processes on a micro- and nano-scale makes it possible to produce new polymers, superconductors, functional surfaces and biocompatible materials which can be used in the fields of information technology, energy and medicine.

In the competence center for Materials and Processes (MaP) over 80 research groups from different disciplines have been brought together to work on questions relating to materials science and process engineering. The range of subjects they are studying extends from exploring the atomic principles of materials to developing actual technical solutions. Close cooperation with industry results in targeted research and efficient knowledge transfer. New materials form the basis for a better quality of life, but may also bring new risks. This must never be forgotten. ETH Zurich is playing a pioneering role in researching the effects of materials and technology on man and the environment.

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