Industrial processes

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The commercial success of a company depends on its ability to produce innovative and reliable products while making efficient use of resources.

Industrial processes
At the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center, which ETH Zurich runs jointly with IBM Research – Zurich, researchers are studying ways of manufacturing innovative electronic devices and sensors.

Modern manufacturing technologies and production processes use computer-assisted design methods and material flow planning. They integrate complex materials and systems and organise all operational processes efficiently.

The “Manufacturing across Scales – from Nano to Macro” initiative combines the specialist expertise of several departments at ETH Zurich. At its heart is fundamental research into the development of controlled, reproducible and scalable processes and manufacturing techniques. Areas for research include the integration of functional materials such as nanoparticles, thin films and nanostructured coatings on large surfaces, the optimised use of sensors and converters and the modelling of manufacturing tools and processes. The aim is to improve the properties of materials, components and machinery and develop processes for manufacturing them in a reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. By working closely with industry, ETH Zurich hopes that this initiative will contribute to the long-term competitiveness of Swiss industry.

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