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A society with an ageing population poses major challenges for scientific research. At ETH Zurich, researchers from many different disciplines are working to ensure that we maintain a good quality of life into old age.

An ageing population calls for innovations – such as the biocompatible micro-fibre material which has been developed at ETH Zurich to promote fast bone regeneration.

They are taking an integrative, systemic approach, ranging from the study of individual molecules through cells and organs to the whole body. With their work on molecular basics, the researchers are making an important contribution to the understanding of neurological or metabolic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Systems biologists are researching the dynamics and interactions of entire biological systems and so paving the way for new findings which could lead to the development of more targeted methods of diagnosis and treatments with fewer side effects. At the same time, innovations in robotics and imaging technologies are leading to entirely new procedures for analysis and rehabilitation.

The newly created ETH Department of Health Sciences and Technology brings together researchers from the disciplines of medical engineering, neurosciences, food and nutrition, as well as movement sciences and sport. The goal is to work with partners from science and industry to develop future-oriented solutions to the key issues surrounding human health. ETH Zurich is working closely with hospitals and the University of Zurich in this field.

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