Climate change

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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world’s population. The broad, interdisciplinary approach that is taken at ETH Zurich gives it a soundly based, holistic perspective on the problem of climate change.

Climate change
One of the big challenges in communicating climate research is that climate change is only barely visible and its consequences are long term. (Source and ©: Vimeo “We decide”; ETH Climate Science Visuals)

Its scientists are making a major contribution to a better understanding of the complex climate system. They use models to compute future developments in the climate and examine the ecological, social and economic effects of climate change. And finally, they are developing solutions for counteracting climate change and its consequences.

By analysing scientific, social and economic data, ETH researchers are building up an important evidence base for decision-makers in Switzerland and abroad. For example, climate experts from ETH Zurich are among the authors contributing to reports produced by the UN committee on climate change, the IPCC. ETH Zurich is also part of the “Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community” (Climate-KIC), an international network of academic institutions and public and private partners. The aim of Climate-KIC is to develop science-based principles and strategies for adapting to climate change or preventing it.

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