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ETH Studios offer unique opportunities in innovative environments and corporate contexts where students can acquire competencies to address the challenges of the digital era.

ETH Studios are a global network of anchor points, all tightly connected to Zurich and closely linked with the innovative communities within their region. Each ETH Studio is a thematically-focused outpost affording students hands-on project experience, which requires design thinking, critical thinking, collaborative creativity and entrepreneurial leadership.

ETH Studio Information Security in New York City

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ETH Zurich launched its first ETH Studio in New York City. The thematic focus is on information security.

ETH Studio Information Security, New York.

ETH Studio AgroFood

ETH Studio AgroFood

The recent advent of digitalization in the AgroFood sector creates disruption in each step of the food-value chain with all farmers, food companies, retailers, consumers, and stakeholders affected. At the ETH Studio AgroFood, students will assist stakeholders of the Swiss AgroFood sector transitioning to the so-called Food System 4.0.

ETH Studio AgroFood

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