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ETH Studios offer students opportunities to work in innovative environments and corporate contexts addressing the challenges of the digital era.

ETH Studios are located in some of the world’s most dynamic regions, and are closely linked with the innovation communities in those regions. ETH students are provided with a challenge they have to solve during their time at the ETH Studio. The challenge can be posed by ETH internal sources, or preferably by leading startups, companies, and organizations.

ETH Studio New York   

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The growth and impact of New York City’s tech and information sector is immense. It includes high tech start-ups, established tech companies, and major information networks. The ETH Studio connects ETH Zurich with industrial as well as academic partners in New York City.

ETH Studio New York

From the Studio

Lorenz Breidenbach, currently at Cornell Tech

Michal Sudwoj, Challenge provided by zkipster - read his blog

New York Studio in the media

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, NZZ 26.5.2017

ETH Studio AgroFood

ETH Studio AgroFood

The recent advent of digitalization in the AgroFood sector creates disruption in each step of the food-value chain with all farmers, food companies, retailers, consumers, and stakeholders affected. At the ETH Studio AgroFood, students will assist stakeholders of the Swiss AgroFood sector transitioning to the so-called Food System 4.0.

ETH Studio AgroFood


From the Studio

On May 16th the ETH Studio AgroFood hosted a workshop (PDF, 557 KB) bringing together stakeholders from the Swiss AgroFood sector to explore the potential of digitalization to address pressing food system challenges.

ETH Studio AgroFood in the media

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