ETH Zurich Co-Hosts Diplomatic Courier's 2017 Annual Global Talent Summit

21.11.2016 (Updated: 10.12.2016)

By:  ETH Global

For the first time in history, increasing prosperity and productivity no longer correlate with job creation and employment. The Global Talent Summit 2017 will look at the technological, economic, socio-economic, and political dimensions of a post-employment world.

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As Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotic technology advance, will highly skilled jobs demanding high wages be eliminated or will it create entirely new job roles spurring a new era of growth? At the same time, the digital revolution offers opportunities to those who transform themselves ahead of the curve. How can we prepare for a post-employment society? If increasingly large numbers of people with varying skill levels are no longer needed to create goods and services, how will society engage these people?

The Global Talent Summit 2017 will bring together some 400 leaders from private industry, NGOs, and the media, as well as policy and academic communities, to address these issues of a post-employment society. Presented by Diplomatic Courier magazine and hosted by ETH Zurich, the full-day summit will be held on 14 January 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland.

In its fourth year, the Global Talent Summit is the most popular summit from the World in 2050 series, including keynote speakers from top-level industries in Switzerland and around the world. Please, visit this page in the coming days for a full agenda and list of speakers.

Limited public seating is now available. Please, RSVP below to reserve your place. 


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