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Excerpt from ETH Zurich’s Strategy and Development Plan 2017–2020

"ETH Zurich is a prominent member of the international academic community. This position enables ETH Zurich to play an important part in shaping international scientific agendas and make significant contributions in finding fair solutions to current and future global challenges. This strengthens Switzerland's international reputation in education, research and business."

International positioning

"A significant factor of ETH Zurich’s strong position is the openness of Switzerland and its higher education system. A place of international research cooperation, the institution recruits its scientists from a global pool of talents. ETH researchers maintain some 8,000 academic collaborations with their peers worldwide. This international cooperation in research and innovation at the highest scientific level, along with the education of qualified professionals at ETH Zurich, contributes substantially to securing the long-term innovation capacity of Swiss society and the economy."

Singapore-ETH Center

"With the Singapore-ETH Center (SEC), ETH Zurich, together with the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore, has established an international cooperation of exemplary character. The SEC strengthens the research capacity of ETH Zurich to develop sustainable solutions for global challenges both in Switzerland and Singapore. The location in Asia facilitates cooperation with universities, research institutes and companies in the region."

Strategic alliances and partnerships

"ETH Zurich supports the initiatives of its academics through selected strategic partnerships and alliances. It enters such partnerships with institutions that share its values, have a global vision and are committed to high quality in education and research. The partnership must add value to the university itself, and thereby also to Switzerland, and open up new opportunities in education and research for ETH Zurich’s students, faculty and staff.
ETH Zurich is a member of selected international university alliances, with strategic goals compatible with its own. These alliances serve as platforms for institutional learning, exchange and for joint projects and initiatives."

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