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International positioning

One of the most important missions of ETH Zurich from a national perspective is to strengthen Switzerland’s international reputation for education, science and technology. ETH Zurich is ideally placed to accomplish this task, being recognized as a leading member of the international academic community, through innovative, original research and excellent education with global impact. ETH Zurich defines its future objectives and actions in the context of the globalization of science, business, politics and society.

Research collaboration

Excellence in research is fostered by collaboration with other researchers with complementary skills. This takes place primarily through interactions between the researchers themselves, who continuously develop their collaborative research networks around the world.

Strategic alliances and partnerships

ETH Zurich supports the initiatives of its faculty through selected strategic alliances and partnerships. These partnerships are carefully chosen for their potential to add value to the institution itself, and hence for Switzerland, and to offer new possibilities for students, professors and staff in education or research. These relationships support institutional learning and often are the foundation for major international projects.

International exchange

To enable a mutually beneficial exchange of students, ETH Zurich enters into selected agreements with internationally renowned universities. It thus seeks to ensure that students gain experience in diverse cultural settings and learn the language of the host country, while benefiting from excellent education in their field of study.

ETH Global

ETH Global is responsible for implementing the global strategic goals of ETH Zurich and for coordinating its strategically relevant international institutional relations.

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