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Student Project House

Do you have a project Idea? Do you need a team? Would you be interested in doing something real yourself and would like to join?

On this page we want to bring together students who have an idea with students who are eager to join a student team. The student project house offers a great team space, infrastructure and coaching. We will bring you in contact with the right mentor to get you on track with your project.

Type of projects in the Student Project House

As we are just starting this activity at ETH we want to make sure we put more energy on inspiring you to follow your ideas in a projects, than to design a jungle of restrictions. There are some basic rules for projects (PDF, 97 KB) we would like you to get familiar with, before starting using the space.

Share your project idea

Send us a short description of your project idea, including how much time and what kind of teammates you would need to accomplish your project. If the project supports the mission and values of the student project house it will be posted below, so that interested students can contact you to discuss. Another way to get in contact with students who would like to form a team is to join one of our project pitches.


Projects looking for YOU?

ETH Zurich uses SiROP to publish and search scientific projects. For more information visit Find below a list of currently running or soon-to be started student projects at SPH looking for additional members for their teams.


WizardChess allows you to play chess with your friends all over the world - on a physical board. You can control the pieces with your voice and see them collapse when they are defeated. WizardChess has the potential to make Chess cool again. Show details 


Sensoc is developing a smart sock. A smart sock that is capable of tracking its wearer’s movements and pressure on the sole of the foot. Show details 

Smart watch to prevent diabetic coma

We are looking for students who are motivated to develop smartwatch application for helping diabetic patients. Especially we are looking for someone who have experiences in development of smartphone and smartwatch applications. Show details 

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