"Critical Thinking" Initiative

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If Switzerland wants to maintain its competitive position globally its universities must, besides instilling disciplinary competences, concentrate more on conveying critical thinking and management skills. To promote these ETH Zurich has launched the "Critical Thinking" Initiative.

The goal of this initiative is to train ETH Zurich students to think critically and independently. During the course of their education they should not only acquire methodological competences and disciplinary knowledge, but also be given the opportunity to address interdisciplinary and system-oriented issues.

From knowledge and ideas to responsible action

One purpose of ETH Zurich’s "Critical Thinking" Initiative is to motivate students to work both independently and in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. They will be trained to communicate confidently in several languages and interact with different interest groups. ETH Zurich aims to instil intellectual agility, critical thinking and a responsible approach to taking action in its graduates and to give them the tools to address socially relevant and ethical aspects and the principles of sustainable development as part of their activities.

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