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Whether in the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, architecture or management, ETH Zurich degree programmes convey knowledge with a long half-life and enable their graduates to address fundamental issues and challenges.

Comprehensive training

ETH imparts not only methodological competences and disciplinary knowledge, but also interdisciplinary and system-oriented ways of thinking. It trains its students to act independently, work in international teams and to express themselves in several languages. It fosters a culture of personal responsibility for learning which both challenges and supports students’ individual strengths.

Foster critical thinking

Graduates of ETH Zurich are distinguished by their intellectual agility, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial approach. They draw on socially relevant, ethical and sustainability aspects in their activities.

Development of curricula

To maintain their high educational level ETH degree programmes are revised at regular intervals, for example to adapt them to the changing demands of the labour market. Here attention is given to feedback from students, graduates and firms.

Teaching policy

The Teaching policy at ETH Zurich (10 October 2016) (135 KB) sets out the guiding values which shape ETH Zurich’s understanding of quality in the area of teaching.

ETH’s teaching policy is the foundation for the development and evaluation of teaching at the institution. However, it does not address organisational matters related to teaching. These are governed by the ETH Zurich Organisational Ordinance.

Quality criteria for teaching

What makes for good teaching, actually? An answer is provided in Quality in teaching at ETH Zurich (4 October 2016) (203 KB). The criteria listed in this document come from ETH’s teaching policy. They define the quality criteria for curricula and courses, and the university’s expectations of all those engaged in teaching processes, from students to lecturers to administrative and technical staff.

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