What is a degree programme initiative?

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  • An approach to issues in teaching which affect an existing degree programme as a whole
  • A long-term, continual development process the scope of which exceeds existing projects
  • Broad departmental support
  • Strategic agreement with the Rector

Please pay attention to the general conditions of the Innovedum project and degree programme initiatives: rights


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Strategic Convention


How does a degree programme initiative come about?

Discussion with department - Strategic Convention

  • Brief description of objective (project description)*
  • The project description may stem from departmental discussions with the Rector
  • Discussion with the Rector
  • Strategic agreement with the Rector based upon discussion of objective
  • Define guidelines

*The project description should:

  • comprise 1 A4 page maximum
  • define the project’s context, objective and target group
  • demonstrate the project’s added value
  • describe the further utilization potential of the project

Project Plan


The project plan (determines content)

  • Description of the project’s objectives and procedure on the basis of the strategic agreement
  • No fixed submission deadlines
  • The director of studies submits the project plan




  • Appraisal by a Teaching Commission committee
  • The Rector decides on final approval



Regular interim reports and final report required

  • Mentoring of the initiative by a member of the Teaching Commission
  • Participation in the yearly Innovedum event
  • Final report after completion of the degree programme initiative
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