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Students enhancing learning at ETH

ETH Zurich encourages students to become more engaged in the teaching and learning process. The Student Innovedum project will enable students to transform their ideas into reality.

The Innovedum Fund, an initiative spearheaded by the ETH Rector, has been advancing faculty teaching innovation at ETH for many years. Now a new “Student Innovedum” project will provide focused support for students who wish to collaboratively develop, test and implement student ideas for enhancing the teaching and learning environment.

Interested students should visit and register for the kick-off event to be held on 4 October, 2017.

At the kick-off event participants will hear more about the process, learn how they may take an active part, and be invited to form teams. Through a series of workshops, called “Design Labs”, these teams will then be coached in prototype development to learn how to bring their ideas to the point of testing. Participants will receive a certificate that recognises the time they have invested, the skills they have developed, and their achievements.

The results of their work will be presented at the annual Innovedum event.

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