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Teaching projects pilot innovative solutions to issues which arise in the teaching context, and evaluate them or implement qualification measures.

  • Feedback of decision after about 3 months
  • Max. duration 3 years

Please pay attention to the general conditions of the Innovedum project: rights

Focal point projects address issues covered in the focal point themes, apply them in example scenarios, and assess their feasibility and value in the ETH context.

  • Budget limit kCHF 60
  • Feedback of decision after about 1 month
  • Max. duration 3 years

Please pay attention to the general conditions of the Innovedum project: rights


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Development of idea


Do you have ideas for innovating in teaching?

  • To tread newer, more creative paths in teaching which have the potential for transfer
  • To facilitate learning processes
  • To sustainably improve teaching at ETH Zurich

Would you like a consultation?

We look forward to advising you personally!


Contact at LET

Office Innovedum:

Departmental contact

Departmental contact person (teaching specialists)



How to fill the proposal form


The filled form must be uploaded in the Innovedum database. For the procedure check 'Submission'.


Please pay attention to the general conditions of the Innovedum project rights!

Procedure proposal online submission

Please log in to the Innovedum database with your 'nethz-login'. For the project submission proceed as follows:

1. New proposal application

  • Open 'New proposal' application (at left)
  • Fill out web form in two languages (in German and English, all text fields required *)
  • 'Save' (at end of page)

Please make sure you do not write more then 400 characters in the project description (Projektbeschrieb) otherwise the application will not be sent!

2. Uploading your proposal application

  • Click on 'Attachment' (below) to upload your form and attachments
  • Add attachment to application to finish uploading of completed form (pdf) and data
  • Confirm with 'Attach'
  • Final submission: click on 'Save and submit'
  • A confirmation will be sent to you by email
  • Optional: Click on 'Delegate' to give other persons access to the system



What happens after submission?

1. Selection

  • The formal criteria are examined.
  • Referees (1 from the Teaching Commission and 1-2 external experts) are designated

2. Review

  • Referees assess the project according to the criteria.
  • One referee prepares a report which comprises all referee assessments.

3. Teaching Commission

  • A referee presents the report and the referees’ recommendation.
  • The Teaching Commission discusses the recommendation.
  • The Teaching Commission prepares a recommendation for the Rector.

4. The Rector makes the decision

5. The applicant is informed of the decision in writing


Formal criteria

  • The applicant is an ETH Zurich director of studies or lecturer.
  • The proposal corresponds to the vision and goals of ETH Zurich (improving student education).
  • The project duration is a maximum of 3 years.
  • The teaching projects will begin 4 months after submission at the earliest, the focal point projects will begin 1 months after submission at the earliest.
  • The funds requested will go mainly towards building the competences of those involved in the project (faculty, doctoral Assistants, students, project staff).
  • Personnel funds: Staff already employed full-time at ETH cannot be financed via Innovedum. A topping-up for part-time staff is possible if it can be plausibly demonstrated that the tasks of the Innovedum project and those of the normal research activities are not in competition.
  • Funds for consumables: Travel expenses and large investments in IT infrastructure, equipment etc. are not financed via Innovedum. The departments have their own budgets for these purposes.
  • Any outsourcing (e.g. software development) requires at least one competing tender. The reasons for outsourcing must be supplied.
  • Applications involving project volumes which exceed 60 kCHF must be submitted in English.


  • The project expounds and pilots new views on teaching at ETH which are far more innovative than standard updates of teaching.
  • New teaching elements take into account current didactic requirements at ETH. Ideally learning objectives, performance assessments and learning activities are aligned.
  • (Focal point projects) Contribution to achieving the objectives of the focus themes
  • Competence and networking among the project team of the responsible lecturer(s)
  • The concrete results to which the project aspires are clear.
  • Cost effectiveness: The costs per student are proportionate.
  • The scaling and broader effects of project findings are addressed as central issues.
  • Innovedum project findings are as far as possible made available to a wider public (as open educational resources or freely available software).
  • The project aspires to positive results which extend beyond the end of the project, e.g. plans for continued operation or follow-up projects based upon the pilot.

Implementation / Completion

Project implementation and completion

  • The Project Leader is responsible for implementing the project.
  • Participation in the yearly Innovedum event and a project presentation are obligatory.
  • A final financal report must be submitted and the complements of the project data base at project completion.

Innovedum event

  • An annual event where projects may be presented and experiences exchang
  • Each project proposer gives a short presentation (ca. 10 minutes) on the current state of his/her project, current results, and the challenges faced.
  • These presentations should be made during the deployment phase of the project.
  • The focus is active sharing of experiences and the opportunity to exchange suggestions informally.
  • Intended for project proposers, members of the Teaching Commission and the teaching experts, and guests from the Educational Development and Technology unit.
  • This event will also offer an opportunity for informal discussion with representatives of LET and the teaching experts
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