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Educational Development and Technology (LET) is involved in all of the projects listed below. Its activities range from providing expertise to project leadership.

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Question type: Freehand drawing

Duration: 2015-2016
Person(s) responsibleTobias Halbherr, Thomas Piendl

Further development and improvement of the freehand drawing question type in the framework of the tablet pilot project. This will facilitate online examinations whose answers require sketches or drawings. An initial improved version will prospectively be deployed in a pilot examination in the Autumn Semester 2015 examination session.

EduApp 3.0

Duraton: 2015-2016
Person(s) responsibleMarinka Valkering

Because the EduApp is to be institutionalised, Version 3.0 will be taken over by ID-SWS (central ETH IT Services). In cooperation with VSETH representatives its user navigation functions were newly designed. For this reason the app will be rebuilt from the ground up. It should be made public in Autumn Semester 2015. EduApp version 2.5 will be available parallel to version 3.0 during a transition period.

Student work spaces

Duration: 2015-2016
Person(s) responsibleMarinka Valkering

At ETH student work spaces are a rarity. For this reason the project "student work spaces" was launched. In its first phase the number of student work spaces was entered into EduApp Version 2.5. Via a new button, "Student work spaces", the EduApp will deliver information on the student work spaces available. In the second phase we will investigate how this function can be improved and extended.

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