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The EduApp is an interactive smartphone application for academic life and classroom interaction at ETH Zurich. Use the EduApp web access to create and activate clicker questions, present the results of clicker questions and collect student feedback during your course.  

Students like clicker questions and want more of them! During the last Autumn Semester 100 lecturers used the EduApp in their teaching, reaching around 10,150 students. Teachers liked the EduApp too:

Dr Markus Kalisch: “With the EduApp I get immediate feedback from students, even if there are several hundred of them in the lecture course.”

Dr Meike Akveld: “The EduApp gives me direct feedback on whether students have understand what I have taught. I always ask one of the students to explain the right answer, which is often helpful. It is also a pleasant change for them.”

Einsatz EduApp
Successful deployment of clicker questions in teaching

Usage in numbers

  Spring s. 2016 Autumn s. 2016 (bis 2.12)
Number of activ student IDs 6'056 10'151
Number of activ lecturer IDs 82 96
Number of responses to Clicker questions 54'812 103'771
Number of entries in course channels 297 597
Number of entries in feedback channels 18 109
Number of responses to feedback questions 15'967 28'808
Number of courses using the EduApp 86 102


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