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Highly motivated and talented students are a distinguishing feature of ETH Zurich. As a renowned educational institution, the university is increasingly sought-after. Student numbers in 2000 were around 11,000; today they are over 18,000. By 2020 the figure will be 20,000.

ETH recruits 35% of its students from abroad. It works to attract the best global talent, particularly at the Master’s and doctoral levels.

Nearly a third of students are female. This number needs to rise. ETH Zurich wishes to see more women studying the natural sciences and engineering in the future.

Ensure the faculty-to-student ratio

The great increase in student numbers also presents challenges for ETH Zurich. ETH professors look after a much larger number of students than do faculty at other leading universities.

To ensure teaching quality despite rising student numbers ETH Zurich is not only appointing new professors, but is also increasing the number of Senior Scientists. By 2020 it will employ 1,000 professors and Senior Scientists, to maintain an appropriate faculty-to-student ratio.

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