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Curriculum development signifies the creation or revision of degree programmes.

Catalysts for curriculum development projects may, for example, be new economic and social qualification requirements and new technology, but they also include feedback from students and lecturers.

Help with curriculum development is available from the Vice-Rector for Curriculum Development, the Deputy Head of Academic Services (legal aspects) and Educational Development and Technology (LET).

LET will assist you through project management, working group leadership, workshop moderation, compiling of degree programme qualification profiles, and degree programme planning tools.

Orientation aid

Projektplan Curriculumsentwicklung

The project plan curriculum development (DOCX, 47 KB) [in German only] sets out the most important steps in revising/developing the degree programme and is a valuable planning aid.


Here you find reports about curriculum develpoment in practice at ETH Zurich. Interested parties may contact the persons involved directly for more details.

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