Outstanding Master's theses 2017

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The prize will be awarded at the Master's degree graduation ceremony. The list will be continually updated.

Family Name, First Name Degree Programme, Department
Aellen, Marianne Martina Micro- and Nanosystems, D-MAVT
Chevroulet, Axel Architecture, D-ARCH
Curi, Sebastian Martin Robotics, Systems and Control, D-MAVT
de Crousaz, Cédric Matthieu Robotics, Systems and Control, D-MAVT
Delbrück, Alessia Ilaria Food Science, D-HEST
Emmisberger, Patrick Computer Science, D-INFK
Engelke, Jan Architecture, D-ARCH
Epp, Robert Meinrad Mechanical Engineering, D-MAVT
Feng, Yaoxuan Physics, D-PHYS
Glanzer, Christoph Mathematics, D-MATH
Hauenstein, Samuel Agricultural Sciences, D-USYS
Hernández Becerro, Pablo Mechanical Engineering, D-MAVT
Kurt, Fabienne Food Science, D-HEST
Loquercio, Antonio Robotics, Systems and Control D-MAVT
Meneghello, Stefano Mechanical Engineering, D-MAVT
Ringli, Florian Till Architecture, D-ARCH
Roth, Kevin Steven Physics, D-PHYS
Secondi, Alessandro Mechanical Engineering, D-MAVT
Stähelin, Raphael Jan Architecture, D-ARCH
Steimer, Cyril Pascal Computer Science, D-INFK
Turtschi, Kristina Andrea Architecture, D-ARCH
Viereck, Julian Computer Science, D-INFK
Vitali, Sabrina Food Science, D-HEST
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