Outstanding Doctoral theses 2017

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The prize will be awarded at the doctoral awards ceremony. The list will be continually updated.

Family Name, First Name Department
Bigler, Raphael Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
Burrin, Claire Mathematics
Doll, Andrin
Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
Forner Cuenca, Antoni Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
Jeschek, Markus Biosystems Science and Engineering
Karst, Daniel Johannes Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
Krautwald, Simon Chemistry and Applied Biosciences
Kühne, Andreas Biology
Lechleitner, Franziska Anna Earth Sciences
Le Ferrand, Hortense Reine Marie-Marceline Materials
Lührmann, Jonas Mathematics
Marchon, Delphine Marie Désirée Civil, Environmental and Geomatics
Merk, Vivian Civil, Environmental and Geomatics
Müller, Daniel Bastian Biology
Perret-Gentil-dit-Maillard, Corentin Mathematics
Rosenberger, George Adrian Biology
Sévin, Daniel Charles Biology
Vasmel, Maria Louise Earth Sciences
Zwieback, Simon Civil, Environmental and Geomatics
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