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Enrolment confirmation

Each semester during your programme of studies, you will receive a set of free confirmations of matriculation which you can use for the tax and scholarship authorities as well as for your parents’ compensation fund.

The «extended confirmation of matriculation» can be handed in at the Migration Office along with a request for extension and proof of financing (for non-EU nationals only).

Example of a confirmation of matriculation (PDF, 26 KB)

Confirmation of matriculation

If, either during or upon completion of your studies, you require a detailed confirmation, e.g. for continuing study abroad, the Registrar’s Office will issue you with detailed confirmations.

These include

  • your personal details (at the time of your studies)
  • your discipline and programme duration
  • the ETH degree obtained, and, if necessary
  • confirmation of the authenticity of any additional documents

Confirmations which document the completion of teaching training (teacher training certificate, teaching diploma, teaching certificate, MAS SHE) are only issued in German.

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