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In ETH Zurich’s earlier Diploma programmes, studies concluded with a final Diploma. To register for the final diploma examinations students were first required to pass the first and second interim diploma examinations. Only passing the final diploma examination signified attainment of the Diploma (an academic record in German with the corresponding details, plus a separate Diploma certificate). A Transcript of Records of the former Diploma programmes is made up of the following documents:

  • a cover sheet in English that confirms the duration of study, your degree as well as the equivalence Diploma-/Master degree
  • certified copies of the German diploma, the first and second intermediate examination and the final diploma examination
  • from the corresponding Translations* in English

You must organise translations* of interim and final academic records and the diploma certificate yourself. Translations must match the original document one-to-one; nothing may be left out and nothing may be added (e.g., explanations).

Please send your translation by email as a Word document to the Registrar’s Office, who will then issue you with a transcript of records. The following templates may be of help:

Diploma certificate (DOC, 24 KB)
Final diploma examination (DOC, 26 KB)
First and second interim diploma examination (DOC, 26 KB)
Supplement (DOC, 676 KB)  

Example of a Transcript of Records (To whom it may concern) (PDF, 189 KB)

This procedure is also required for translations into French and Italian.

After the original diploma certificate has been issued, a certified translation in German, French, Italian or English can be issued for a fee. Please note that this takes about two weeks. You must organise translations into any other languages yourself.

Swiss diplomas:

Swiss federal pharmacist’s diploma (Eidg. dipl. Apotheker oder Apothekerin)

Only transcripts, translations or copies of diplomas issued by ETH Zurich will be supplied.

Transcripts, translations or copies of federal diplomas and the respective examination results (1st and 2nd intermediate examinations, final diploma, state examinations) should be requested from the Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG, Medizinalberufekommission MEBEKO, Ressort Ausbildung).

Swiss federal gymnastics and sports teaching diploma (Eidg. dipl. Turn- und Sportlehrer)

Only transcripts, translations or copies of diplomas issued by ETH Zurich will be supplied.

Transcripts, translations or copies of the federal diploma should be requested from BASPO (Bundesamt für Sport):

Federal Office for Sport (BASPO)

Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen, EHSM (Eidgenössische Hochschule für Sport Magglingen, EHSM)
Hauptstrasse 247-253, 2532 Magglingen

Career armed forces officers (Berufsoffizier)

We supply transcripts, translations or copies of academic records and diplomas associated with the Bachelor’s degree programme in Public Policy for Armed Forces Officers and issued by ETH Zurich.

Transcripts, translations or copies associated with the former diploma programme for armed forces officers should be requested from the Military Academy (MILAK) at ETH, c/o Kaserne, 8903 Birmensdorf.

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