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As« of 1 February 2006, the Swiss University Conference (SUC) supplemented its Bologna Directives with a transitional regulation on the equivalence of licentiate/diploma and Master degrees (PDF, 47 KB) (in German.)

So as not to discriminate against graduates from the «old» diploma and licentiate programmes as a result of the Bologna Reform, the equivalence of these degrees was officially recorded with the «new» title of Master. However, we have to draw your attention to the following restrictions (cf. comment on the new Article 6a of the Bologna Direcitves):

  • The title from the old system and the title of Master can only be used as alternatives, not both together. This means that the titles may not be included on the same document.
  • A precise definition of the title (in English), however, should not be used because, although former courses of study were of the same level, their content was often not entirely comparable. This means that only the two titles listed above are allowed, but not for instance «Master of Science ETH in XXX Engineering».

No new «diplomas» are being issued. Nevertheless, equivalence certificates in English or German are available on request from the Registrar’s Office of ETH Zurich on advance payment of CHF 30.00 per copy. Please use the relevant order form (PDF, 687 KB), (in German), and enclose the corresponding proof of payment.

Bulk orders of certificates are unnecessary. If a certificate is requested from a foreign authority or university, it can be issued within a short space of time. As part of the validation process for a profession or continuing education abroad, additional documents are often requested (certified copies of the original academic records plus their translation, sometimes a detailed list of all the lectures attended and even course content).

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