Decision on admission

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Assessment of application

The Admissions Office screens all applications and forwards the formally compliant ones to the respective Admissions Committee. This committee evaluates all applications with respect to the requirements profile and recommends acceptance or rejection to the Admissions Office. This process might take several weeks.

Decision on admission


Candidates can be admitted to Master's degree programmes as follows:

  • without any additional requirements
  • with the additional requirement to acquire a maximum of 30 ECTS credits from the corresponding ETH Bachelor's degree programme (completing additional requirements may take approximately 1 - 2 extra semesters).


Admission will not be granted to candidates who have substantial deficits with respect to the requirements profile - especially in basic knowledge and competences as taught in the first years of an ETH Bachelor's degree programme - or who have deficits in the level of mastery. Their previous education does not meet the required quality standards.

Specific admission conditions for candidates from Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences

To candidates from Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences special admission conditions apply.

Notification of decision

You will receive the admission decision in writing from the Admissions Office, as well as a registration form (Application schedule).

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