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ETH Zurich offers two different teacher training qualifications: the Teaching Diploma for Secondary Education (Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen) and the Teaching Certificate (Didaktik-Zertifikat). See for detailed information. These programmes are only offered in German.

You must hold a Master’s degree (or a university diploma/Lizenziat) to register or apply for teacher training, with the following exceptions:

  • Master’s degree students enrolled at ETH Zurich may, after completing their Bachelor’s degrees, register or apply provided that they satisfy the admission prerequisites.
  • Master’s degree students of the University of Zurich who are enrolled in a discipline equivalent to one of those offered at ETH Zurich may register or apply.


All applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the teaching language (German).

The profile of requirements, which is published in the appendix to the programme regulations of the Lehrdiplom für Maturitätsschulen course of studies and the Didaktik-Zertifikat training programme, help the prospective applicant to assess his/her eligibility and chances of admission to the selected course of studies or training programme.

The admissions procedure (registration or application) depends upon the educational background and the profile of requirements of the respective training course.

Direct registration with the Registrar’s Office is possible if

  • the degree in the same discipline was acquired not earlier than 6 years previously (exception: Biology -> apply to the Admissions Office).
  • admission without additional requirements is guaranteed or is subject to an unchanging additional requirements package (set out in the corresponding programme regulations appendix), cf. Übersicht LD and Übersicht DZ.

All other interested parties should submit an application to the Admissions Office.


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