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1. Prerequisites

Students who have withdrawn from ETH Zurich or who have been dematriculated (e.g. where automatic dematriculation has followed the awarding of a degree) may rematriculate in an ETH Zurich Bachelor’s degree programme if they satisfy the prerequisites below. Here the following cases are differentiated:

  • After withdrawal from ETH Zurich ( without a degree and without exclusion from the programme) you wish to continue in the same ETH Bachelor’s degree programme.
  • After withdrawal from ETH Zurich (with or without a degree) you wish to begin another ETH Bachelor’s degree programme.
  • After obtaining an ETH Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree you wish to begin another ETH Bachelor’s degree programme immediately, i.e. without withdrawing from ETH Zurich.

The degree of any preceding Bachelor’s degree programme must be issued at the latest by the end of the second week of the semester in which you wish to begin the second Bachelor’s degree programme (see Article 11 of the Admissions Ordinance ETH Zurich, ‘Debarment from matriculation in multiple degree programmes at the same academic level’).

Please note:
If you have failed the first-year examinations or other examinations once or twice in the original degree programme, a change of degree programme is in some cases not possible or is only possible under certain conditions. See the corresponding Directive or Appendix  (PDF, 157 kB) (PDF, 149 KB).
Re-entry may be subject to concrete conditions set in writing at the time of withdrawal or dematriculation (e.g., supplying of proof of capability to undertake studies).

3. Procedure

Register for the first semester of the Bachelor’s degree programme via the online registration form.

If you wish to request recognition of or a waiver regarding completed performance achievements please include this request together with the transcript of records. The request may be submitted retroactively, particularly where achievements have not yet been made official.

If you are registering for the Spring Semester:
Because the online registration form only lists the Autumn Semester as the starting date of studies, you will need to correct the ‘Entry Semester’ on the first page of the form by hand. Change it clearly and visibly to ‘Spring Semester’.

NOTE:  Students may only register to the Bachelor’s degree programme in Human Medicine if they have been allocated the respective place at ETH Zurich for the respective Autumn Semester. This is because these places are restricted and they are allocated centrally by swissuniversities following the "Eignungstests für das Medizinstudium (EMS)" [medical studies qualifying examination]. See the respective swissuniversities site for details regarding registration deadlines, procedures etc. and the corresponding ETH web pages.

4. Recognition of study achievements already completed at ETH

4.1 How and in what form should the request be made?

Please send your request for recognition of study achievements promptly by email to the Registrar’s Office as soon as the results have been decreed. Include a transcript of records and a table which compares the ETH study achievements in question with the corresponding study achievements of the new degree programme (use this PDF form (PDF, 195 KB)).

4.2 No extension to the duration of studies

Please note that the deadlines for undertaking performance assessments and the maximum permitted duration of studies are not extended by submitting your request. Unless the Registrar’s Office has informed you otherwise in writing, you must register for examinations by the deadline and also sit them.

4.3 Next steps

The Registrar’s Office will ascertain that your submitted documents are complete and send them on to the Director of Studies of the respective degree programme. The latter will decide which study achievements can be recognised or waived.

Note that it will take up to an entire semester to process your request, particularly requests made in the Autumn Semester.

You will be informed in writing as soon as a decision is made.

4.4 General restrictions

The policies which govern recognition of ECTS credits for previous study achievements are set out in Art. 43 and 44 of the ETH Zurich Admissions Ordinance. There is no general entitlement to recognition. A maximum of 120 ECTS credits may be recognised as long as these were acquired at ETH Zurich (no maximum applies to re-entry to the same degree programme).

If more than six years lie between the (successfully) completed performance assessment and the request for its recognition you may be asked to repeat it (including entire examination blocks).

4.5 Specific restrictions

Art. 17 of the directive Change of degree programme: restrictions on study programme selection, re-entry to ETH Zurich and recognition of study achievements states:

  • Waiving of a performance assessment always applies to all components of the performance assessment. Partial waivers (e.g. from year courses or practicals) are not permitted.

Art. 20 of the same directive states:

  • Performance assessments from failed first-year examinations are not recognised. It is immaterial whether a pass grade was obtained in any single performance assessment belonging to these.
  • Performance assessments from failed examination blocks are recognised, provided that pass grades were obtained in the respective performance assessments. If an examination block is taken twice (repetition), only the grades achieved in the second attempt are ever considered towards recognition (if this occurs). Recognition is not guaranteed.
  • Credits already acquired outside the context of the first-year examinations may be recognised.
  • If recognition of credits leads to waiving of performance assessments which form part of the first-year examinations or examination blocks of the target degree programme, the average grade achieved in the respective examinations is calculated without taking into account the grades associated with the recognised credits.

4.6 Restrictions regarding “Science in Perspective” (formerly: compulsory GESS electives)

Credits acquired in the area “Science in Perspective” can usually be recognised, in line with the corresponding directive and the directive Change of degree programme: restrictions on study programme selection, re-entry to ETH Zurich and recognition of study achievements.

5. Deadlines

SEMESTER DEADLINE for request for re-entry
Autumn Semester Registration by 30 April
Spring Semester
Processed on an individual basis.
Registration by 30 November at the latest
  DEADLINE for request for recognition of earlier study achievements
Autumn Semester Request as soon as the credits to be recognised have been decreed, at the latest by the end of the 4th week of the semester
Spring Semester Must be determined on an individual basis; request as soon as the credits to be recognised have been decreed, at the latest by the end of the 4th week of the semester

6. Fee for re-entry

CHF 50.00

7. Next steps

You will receive a written communication as soon as your application has been processed.

8. Advice

Please address administrative questions to


For further information on re-entry please contact the Team Advisory Service/Coaching (StS).

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