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When can I submit a request?

You may submit a request for recognition of previous study achievements, i.e. for a waiver of the respective ETH performance assessments, only when

  • you have unconditionally fulfilled all other admission requirements (e.g. entrance examinationlanguage certificate) and
  • all relevant pending study achievements at your home university / university of applied sciences have been completed.

Your request must be submitted no later than two weeks after the start of your ETH Bachelor's degree programme.

Programme deadlines not affected

The deadlines for undertaking performance assessments and for completing your studies are not affected by submitting a request for recognition. Until the Admissions Office has confirmed a change in writing, you still have to take the courses, register for exams and sit the exams by the given deadlines..

How do I submit a request for a waiver?

Submit your request in writing, together with supporting documents, to the Admissions Office (documents submitted via fax/email cannot be accepted). Include the following:

  • A written request which includes your name, address, ETH student number, signature
  • A table juxtaposing the ETH study achievements for which you are requesting a waiver, and the corresponding study achievements at your home university.
  • An original stamped transcript, with grades (or a notarised copy)
  • The official content of the course subjects in the above, including a detailed description which is either that published by the university or a version officially approved by the university, both to include hours per week.
  • Proof of payment of CHF 50.00: see payment methods

These documents should be submitted in their original language, together with official translations if the document's language is not German, French, Italian or English.

Only one request may be submitted. Any further requests will not be considered.

What happens next?

The Admissions Office checks that your submitted documentation is complete and forwards it to the Director of Studies of the respective degree programme. The Director of Studies compares the degree programme you have completed with the corresponding ETH degree programme, and decides which study achievements may be recognised in the form of ECTS credits and which must still be acquired at ETH Zurich before the Bachelor’s degree may be obtained.

Because this procedure requires an exact and individual evaluation it takes several weeks before a decision is reached. This decision is then submitted to you in writing by the Admissions Office, who also arrange any adjustments as to the semester in which you may enrol.


General restrictions

Art. 43 of the Regulations Concerning Admission to ETH Zurich (in German) sets out the basis for awarding ECTS credits in recognition of previous study achievements.

Art. 44, ‘Particular stipulations for the Bachelor’s degree level’, sets out the maximum number of credits which may be recognised, as follows:

  1. 120 ECTS credits, provided that these have been acquired at ETH Zurich or EPF Lausanne
  2. 60 ECTS credits, provided that these have been acquired at another university or university of applied sciences

(1.) does not apply to readmissions to the same ETH Zurich Bachelor’s degree programme. (2.) does not apply to universities with which ETH Zurich has corresponding agreements. Currently, agreements only exist with the Swiss universities of Bern and Fribourg in connection with the Bachelor’s degree programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Restrictions regarding "Science in Perspective" (formerly GESS)

Credits for compulsory electives in the area of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences "Science in Perspective/ Wissenschaft im Kontext" (formerly GESS) must be acquired during an ETH Zurich degree course and cannot be recognised.

Restrictions regarding first-year examinations

The waiver of examinations from ETH Zurich’s first-year examinations is also subject to the stipulations set out in Art. 24 of the directive Restrictions on study programme selection, change of degree programme, re-entry to ETH Zurich and recognition of study achievements (PDF, 161 KB)

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