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ETH Zurich does all it can to help students who are also top-class athletes to combine sports with their academic studies.

To be eligible for study programme flexibility in this context, a student must hold a Swiss Olympic Card (at least "talent card") or in exceptional cases a confirmation of membership in the national team or in the squad of a top sports league.

Proven top-class athletes are granted the best alignment of studies and sport possible. However, no concessions are made with regard to academic and examination requirements.

A statement of the Vice-Rector for Study Programmes, Prof. Joachim M. Buhmann, concerning the possibilities of exceptions as well as decision criteria is found here (PDF, 179 KB).

The very diverse needs of athletes require real-time planning based around the sport, training and competition situation. Exceptional arrangements, e.g. regarding examinations or extensions of the maximum duration of studies, must therefore be made on an individual basis. The necessary planning should proceed in cooperation with the study advisor of the affected degree programme e.g. when studies begin. After this a request for any exceptional arrangements can be submitted.

Requests for exceptional arrangements, together with the proposed study and examination plan, the training and competition schedule and the Olympic Card, must be submitted to the Vice-Rector for Study Programmes, attention of Dr. Pia Wyrsch, Head of Student Administration (address see above in the contact box), by the end of the fourth week of teaching (=deadline for exam registration), see ETH Zurich Ordinance on Performance Assessments (Leistungskontrollenverordnung ETH Zurich): Implementation stipulations determined by the Rector, page 2, para. 3, pt. 2.

This means for requests for exam exceptions and performance assessments:

  • In Spring Semester 2017, Examination Session Summer 2017:
    at the latest 19 March 2017
  • In Autumn Semester 2017, Examination Session Winter 2017/2018:
    at the latest 15 October 2017

These submission deadlines are absolute.

If you have any questions please contact the Head of Student Administration.

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