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Important notice

This Master's degree programme started in autumn 2016 the last time.

Due to the partial revision of the Federal Law on Medical Professions (MedBG) and the pertaining educational objectives, we are currently reforming this Master’s degree programme. The revised programme will start in autum 2017 under the new name "MSc Pharmacy".

The second new Master's degree programme focusing on research and industry will start in autumn 2017 and run under the name "MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences". This replaces the Master´s degree programme Medicinal and Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Understanding Drugs

The development of every drug draws on an extensive body of knowledge about chemical, physical and biological properties of its active ingredients and exipients, the technology of its production and its fate and action in the human body.


This is a two-year programme leading to a Master’s degree and a Swiss Federal Diploma for pharmacists, entitling holders to run a private or hospital pharmacy. The first year comprises project work and a Master’s thesis, supplemented by compulsory courses and electives. The second year, which includes a practical internship of several months, prepares the student for pharmacy work.

  • Compulsory subjects and electives, project work
  • Master's thesis (22 weeks)
  • Practical and patientoriented training


Credits ECTS: 90
Degree and title: Master of Science ETH in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Unconditional transfer from 
ETH Bachelor's degree programme Pharmaceutical Sciences (in German)
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Master’s degree programme Pharmaceutical Sciences



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