Neural Systems and Computation

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The image shows a collage of neurons and computer chips.

This Master’s degree program provides students with a trans-disciplinary background and competences in and knowledge of the main issues in brain research.

Understanding the principles underlying brain function and discovering how to develop artificial systems that use the same principles are key issues for the future success of medical sciences and for the development of artificial intelligent systems. Answering these questions requires expertise that extends across multiple academic disciplines. To approach these questions, researchers must work at the interface between physics and medical sciences, engineering and cognitive sciences, mathematics and computer science.

This program prepares students for research activities in the areas of neuroinformatics and system-oriented neuroscience.

The degree program is offered in cooperation with the University of Zurich. All applications are handled by the University of Zurich, see Detailed information.


With the help of a mentor, students draw up their own individual curricula. The program consists of a set of core modules, elective core modules, elective modules, and a Master's thesis and short projects.

The core modules provide fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the areas of neuroscience and information processing.

The elective core modules cover basics of neuroscience, and are divided into three categories, systems neuroscience, neural computation and theoretical neurosciences, and neurotechnologies and neuromorphic engineering. Students have to attend courses from at least two of the three listed disciplines. Elective modules allow students to expand and deepen their specific skills and knowledge. 

The Master's thesis and semester projects give students the opportunity for doing independent research.

Credits ECTS: 90
Degree and title: Master of Science UZH ETH in Neural Systems and Computation

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