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The Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering emphasises fundamental and engineering sciences with the aim of preparing students for the challenges found at the frontiers of research and industrial development.

It provides advanced levels of training suitably geared for students pursuing careers in industry, research and development, services and consultancy.

The MSc ETH in Mechanical Engineering integrates in-depth knowledge from core areas of mechanical engineering – such as mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, materials and manufacturing science, control systems, and product development – with mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry and biology. This integration is essential for multidisciplinary areas, for example, robotics, micro and nanotechnologies, production systems, and energy systems.

The students develop and apply tools ranging from computer simulation to advanced experimental techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying phenomena and processes.

Products and systems created by engineers have the potential to significantly affect society. The social context in which mechanical engineering is practised and its broad interdependencies are reflected in complementary courses in economics, organisation and management, political science, and humanities.

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