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New materials determine the performance, efficiency, quality and sustainability of products and processes in all modern industries and application areas. With a Master in Materials you can contribute to this.

The Master programme in Materials builds on the background that is acquired during the Bachelor studies. On the one hand these basics in materials science are expanded in core courses, on the other hand a broad choice of further courses allows for an individual specialisation.

Compared to the Bachelor programme, during which the different materials classes are covered separately, the core courses convey general topics in materials in a broader context, for example surface properties, biocompatibility, transport phenomena, materials selection and materials design. This knowledge enables the problem-oriented approach that characterises a materials scientist.

The core courses are complemented by a free choice of courses out of the Master programmes of the different departments at ETH Zürich and EPF Lausanne. This facilitates setting an additional focus, be it in materials characterisation, computational methods or micro- and nanotechnology.

The theoretical knowledge is applied and enhanced in two eight-week projects and a six-month Master thesis, which are typically carried out in one of the department's research groups.

With a Master in Materials, graduates can either directly work in industry or can further specialise by carrying out a PhD.

Credits ECTS: 120 (corresponds to at least 4 semesters)
Degree and title: Master of Science ETH in Materials Science

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