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Each ETH Bachelor’s programme is followed by at least one consecutive Master’s degree programme. Several specialised Master’s degree programmes are also offered.

Master’s degree programmes are intended to provide deeper and more specialised knowledge in the field of study.

Master's degree programme structure

Students may select from one or more consecutive Master's degree programmes and, in many cases, one or more specialised Master's degree programmes.

  • Each consecutive Master’s degree programme is linked directly to a particular Bachelor’s degree programme in terms of content.
  • Several specialised Master’s degree programmes, mostly interdisciplinary in nature, are also offered. These are open to graduates with outstanding performance records from various Bachelor’s degree programmes.They are subject to specific admission requirements, and the number of places available is often limited.
  • A few specialised Master’s degree programmes, the so-called “Joint Master’s” programmes, are offered in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities.

The Master’s degree programme comprises study achievements amounting to 90 or 120 credits, and is designed to take three or four semesters, to a maximum of six to eight semesters, respectively.

After attending lectures and practicals for two to three semesters, students carry out their first independent research work and write the Master’s thesis.

The graphic shows how Master’s programmes are structured at ETH Zurich.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral studies can follow on from all Master’s degree programmes. They involve the first independent research work.

Master of Advanced Studies

In addition to doctorates and consecutive and specialised Master’s courses, ETH Zurich also offers a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS, MBA) This is aimed at specialists and managers in employment who already have a Master’s degree from a Federal Institute of Technology plus professional experience, or an equivalent level of higher education. It aims to give greater depth or interdisciplinary breadth to the original area of study and is worth at least 60 ECTS credits, but does not give access to a doctorate.


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