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(PhD students of UZH, see correspondent page; PhD students of EPFL, see correspondent page)

All PhD students enrolled regular for the semester at a Swiss university may also attend courses at ETH Zurich and undertake the corresponding performance assessments. In order to do so they must register at ETH Zurich as Special Students.


  • for the first time,
  • for a consecutive semester or
  • after a break

In each case please fill out the registration form (PDF, 67 KB) and submit it with your current matriculation confirmation at the latest by the end of the second semester week to the Registrar's Office by post or (in scanned form) by e-mail (see form for address).

Registration opens August, 1 for the Autumn Semester and January, 1 for the Spring Semester. Registration deadline: end of the second week (of the respective semester).

The ETH Zurich Registrar’s Office will confirm your registration and first-time/post-break semester enrolment by post, for a consecutive semester by e-mail.

Tuition fee

Registration as a Special Student, attendance of ETHZ courses and the sitting of examinations are free of charge for all PhD students enrolled regular for the semester at a Swiss university.

Information sheet

Please see the information sheet for Special Students (PDF, 54 KB)  for further information on registering as a Special Student:

  • — Registration: Period of validity, Procedure, Deadlines
  • Semester enrolment
  • Electronic registration for course units
  • Performance assessments: Types, Registration/Deregistration, Deadlines
  • Issuing of examination results / Transcript of records
  • Recognition of academic achievements
  • Basic IT services / Communication / Technical problems





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