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You must register as an regular visiting student if

  • your home university has no exchange agreement with ETH Zurich or not in your field of study (see Mobility-Online portal)
  • you plan to attend courses at ETH Zurich (max. 2 semesters) which will be recognised by your home university

Application deadlines

  • 15 April (24:00 CET) for the Autumn Semester
    (application window opens on 1 February)
  • 15 October (24:00 CET) for the Spring Semester
    (application window opens on 15 July)
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Admission requirements

  • You must be matriculated at a university as a Bachelor, Master or Diploma student (doctoral students are usually registered with a different status).
  • You can only be admitted as a visiting student if you are enrolled in a university or (technical) university that has the right to award doctorates (universities of applied sciences are thus not eligible). Please contact the Student Exchange Office of ETH Zurich if you are not sure about the status of your home university. As a rule, Colleges and Liberal Arts Colleges that do not award doctorates do not meet the above-mentioned criteria because their curriculum has a different structure. Exceptions may be made on an individual case-by-case basis only and require students to get in touch with the Student Exchange Office at an early stage before their application.
  • You must have passed the first-year/preliminary exams, have earned 120 ECTS credits, or have successfully completed at least two years of study at a university or a technical university.
  • You must have a very good academic record (as proven by your transcript of records).
  • Your home university must recognise the results of your studies at ETH Zurich. Your curriculum will therefore be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of your home university.
  • You must have sufficient language skills, see below.

Language skills

Knowledge of German and English

A good knowledge of German is recommended and is a requirement if you plan to attend courses in German.

A good knowledge of English is also important, as many courses are given in English.

The language of instruction is indicated in the course catalogue.

Proof of language competence

Students whose native language is not German or English must prove that they know sufficient German and/or English in order to act in an academic context (recommended: level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, min. requirement: level B2).

You need to provide a confirmation only for the language(s) in which you plan to take courses.

We accept all well-established language certificates or a confirmation from a supervisor/language teacher at your home university.


Tuition fees

Visiting students must pay tuition fees amounting to a maximum of CHF 580.- per semester (in addition to the mandatory fees of CHF 69.- per semester).

Visiting students are not eligible for tuition fee waivers and do not qualify for student grants at ETH Zurich. 

Application processing fee

The application processing fee of CHF 150.- has to be paid together with the application and is not refunded if the application is rejected.

Admission decision

Department decides about admission

The Student Exchange Office cannot answer any academic questions or make any assessment of an application’s chances of success. The decision about admission as a visiting student is made by the department to which you apply.

This decision is based on your grades and study achievements, your letter of motivation, your study plan for ETH Zurich, and the capacity of the department to accommodate visiting students related to the number of applications received.

In Architecture the additionally requested portfolio also plays an important part.

Time Frame

Applicants are usually informed about the admission decision a few weeks after the application deadline - irrespective of whether they submitted their application earlier or not (i.e. no rolling admission).

Application process

Information about the application (PDF, 231 KB)

The link to the online application is contained in the document.

Contact person at the Student Exchange Office

Myriam Keller, Tel + 41 44 632 20 86

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