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You must apply as an invited visiting student if

  • you will conduct a project (Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis or research project) of 1-12 months at ETH Zurich
  • you have already found a supervising professor at ETH Zurich
  • you will not receive a salary
  • your home university has no exchange agreement with ETH Zurich (see our Mobility-Online portal) – exceptions for projects possible in some cases

Application deadlines

  • at least 2 months before the planned start
  • students who require a visa should submit their application at least 3 months before the planned start

Important information on internships

Please note that internships cannot be arranged through visiting studies. The authorities have defined intern status very clearly. This may include an internship contract, a salary (e.g. for Non-EU/EFTA citizens: at least CHF 2000.- per month) and a work permit. For this reason, official internships at ETH Zurich are handled by Human Resources and possibly IAESTE.

Students from European or IDEA League partner universities

Before applying as a visiting student, please check with your home university whether it is possible instead to organize your stay at ETH Zurich as an exchange via the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (previously Erasmus) or the IDEA League Student Grant.
Any changes of status after applying are not possible.

Alternative: Summer Projects

As an alternative to an individual project, there are also special summer research programmes. These are open for students from selected fields of study and regions, see summer projects. This is a status separate from that of invited visiting students and different conditions and deadlines apply.

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Finding a supervisor

A good place to start looking for a suitable project is the website of the department or institute you are interested in joining and to contact respective professors directly.

Some projects offered at ETH Zurich are also published by SiROP.

If one of your professors at your home university has research contacts at ETH Zurich and can recommend a suitable project for you and establish contact with a professor here, this would of course be very helpful, so you should also check with your professors about this.


Admission requirements

  • You must be matriculated at a university as a Bachelor, Master or Diploma student (doctoral students are usually registered with a different status).
  • You can only be admitted as a visiting student if you are enrolled in a university or (technical) university that has the right to award doctorates (universities of applied sciences are thus not eligible). Please contact the Student Exchange Office of ETH Zurich if you are not sure about the status of your home university. As a rule, Colleges and Liberal Arts Colleges that do not award doctorates do not meet the above-mentioned criteria because their curriculum has a different structure. Exceptions may be made on an individual case-by-case basis only and require students to get in touch with the Student Exchange Office at an early stage before their application.
  • You must have an invitation from an ETH Zurich professor for a Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis or for a research project (duration 1 - 12 months). Note: Design Studios in Architecture are not considered to be projects, but courses.
  • Your home university must agree to your stay at ETH Zurich.


Tuition fees

Invited visiting students must pay tuition fees amounting to a maximum of CHF 580.- per semester (in addition to the mandatory fees of CHF 69.- per semester enrolment).

The fees depend on the duration of your stay. Further information can be found in the Information about the application (PDF, 208 KB).

Visiting students are not eligible for tuition fee waivers and do not qualify for student grants at ETH Zurich.

Late application

With late applications, it cannot be guaranteed that the project will start on time and an additional fee of CHF 150.- will be charged.

Application deadlines and visa

The complete application must be handed in to the Student Exchange Office at least 2 months before the start of your stay at ETH Zurich.

Students who need a visa for Switzerland (see visa check) should submit their application earlier, because the visa application process may take up to 3 months and cannot be started without the official confirmation of the Student Exchange Office.

Please note: If you are applying for invited visiting studies of up to 3 months and are exempt from the visa requirement for short stays of up to 90 days due to your nationality / Schengen residence permit, a subsequent extension of your stay as an invited visiting student is not possible due to immigration regulations.

Application process

Information about the application (PDF, 208 KB)

The link to the online application is contained in the document.

Please note that your application is binding.

Any changes of status after applying are not possible.

Important: With late applications, it cannot be guaranteed that the project will start on time. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Contact person at the Student Exchange Office 

Myriam Keller, Tel +41 44 632 20 86

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