Swiss-European Mobility Programme (formerly Erasmus)

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Due to the outcome of the federal vote on February 9, 2014, the negotiations between Switzerland and the EU regarding the participation in the Erasmus+ programme have been suspended. The Swiss higher education institutions can therefore not participate in Erasmus+ for the time being.

The student exchange with our partner universities will be continued in the framework of the new «Swiss-European Mobility Programme» with bilateral exchange agreements. Scholarships for incoming students will be covered by the Swiss side (Scholarships).

The Internship Programme (Erasmus Traineeships) for incoming students is not offered by ETH Zurich. Students from non-partner universities coming to ETH Zurich for projects should apply instead as invited visiting students. Note: invited visiting students pay tuition fees and don`t receive any scholarship.

Application deadlines

  • 15 April for the Autumn Semester
  • 15 October for the Spring Semester
  • all applications will be processed together after the deadline, independent of date of submission.
  • for project work (Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis, research project), the complete online application has to be submitted at least 2 months prior to the planned start at ETH Zurich and at the latest until 15 February for the current academic year, see scholarships below.
  • Students who require a visa (Visa check) should submit their application earlier, because the visa application process may take up to 3 months and cannot be started without the official confirmation of the Student Exchange Office.

Nomination by home university

Contact the responsible office at your home university in order to find out about the requirements for participation, the application deadlines at your home university, the required documents, etc.

Important: Nomination for an exchange is subject to the approval of your home university.


The scholarships are paid as semester scholarships, that is 5 rates per semester, independent of the exact duration of stay.

Information on the scholarship amounts (PDF, 192 KB)

For project work applications after 15 February in the current academic year are possible, but ETH Zurich must apply for additional scholarships with Movetia, which administrates the SEMP funding for all Swiss higher education institutions, and availability of funding can therefore not be guaranteed.

By applying online in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme you apply automatically for the scholarship, no separate application is necessary.

Climate-KIC students can participate in SEMP SMS but do not receive an additional scholarship.

Application process

Information about the application for exchange at ETH Zurich (PDF, 393 KB)
The link to the online application is contained in the document.

Contact person at ETH Zurich

Patrick Bisang, Tel +41 44 632 20 87

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