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Prepare your study plan

At ETH Zurich students are enrolled in one specific department, but they may nevertheless also attend courses from different curricula, departments and years. Please be aware that you have to take at least 2/3 of the course credits in the department where you are enrolled. It is important that your study plan is well coordinated with the schedule at your home university.

The most important information on how to establish your study plan can be found in our study plan guidelines (PDF, 55 KB).


Exchange and visiting students are expected to earn 20 -30 ECTS credits per semester.

Course catalogue

The ETH course catalogue can be accessed online. Even if the programme for the upcoming semester is not yet available, it is generally similar to that of the previous year. Please consult the course catalogue for specific course details, e.g. lecturers’ names, the language of instruction, deadlines, the course frequency and types of examinations.

Lecture times

Please note that lecture times depend on the lecture venue and therefore vary. Lectures generally last for 45 minutes. ETH Zurich’s two main sites in Zurich, Zentrum and Hönggerberg, are connected by a free shuttle bus.

Design studio for architecture students

Exchange and visiting students in architecture must enroll for design classes before the semester begins. You are advised to refer to the department's website for instructions.

Studying at D-BSSE of ETH Zurich in Basel

Students studying at D-BSSE in Basel, find important information in the following fact sheet (PDF, 192 KB).

Courses at the University of Zurich (UZH)

It is possible to take courses at the University of Zurich. You have to apply online at University of Zurich for Studying at more than one university.

Please respect the application deadlines for Studying at more than one university as well as the deadlines for booking modules at the University of Zurich. The deadlines vary for each faculty and module. In general the application deadline is the last Friday before the semester starts.

Courses taken at the University of Zurich have to be listed in your study plan and must be agreed on with your Departmental Exchange Coordinator here at ETH Zurich.

Taken courses at the University of Zurich will appear automatically on the ETH transcript of records.

Further information

Further information can be found in the FAQ.

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