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Here you will find the important dates for the semester start and the dates of the examinations.

Academic calendar

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Spring Semester 2017

Semester dates 20. Feb. 2017 01. Sep. 2017
Lectures 20. Feb. 2017 02. Jun. 2017
22. May 2017
16. Jun. 2017
Session exams
07. Aug. 2017 01. Sep. 2017

Autumn Semester 2017/18

Semester dates 18. Sep. 2017 16. Feb. 2018
Lectures 18. Sep. 2017 22. Dec. 2017
11. Dec. 2017
08. Jan. 2018
22. Dec. 2017
19. Jan. 2018
Session exams
22. Jan. 2018 16. Feb. 2018

Spring Semester 2018

Semester dates 19. Feb. 2018 31. Aug. 2018
Lectures 19. Feb. 2018 01. Jun. 2018
21. May 2018
15. Jun. 2018
Session exams
06. Aug. 2018 31. Aug. 2018

Further important dates such as public holidays are published in the academic calendar.

Dates of examinations

At ETH Zurich examinations take place during so-called “examination sessions”. There are “end-of-semester examinations” which take place during and directly after the end of a semester. Afterwards there are "session examinations" which begin a few weeks after a semester ends and continue until the beginning of the following semester. To view the type of examination for a particular course look under “Performance assessment” in the Course Catalogue. Exchange and visiting students must respect the official examination dates. This means that you should plan your exchange period to ensure your presence at ETH Zurich during the session examination. You can find all relevant information about exams at ETH Zurich on the homepage of the Examination Office and an overview over the dates of the examinations.

Exchange Students:

Shifting examinations requires official approval and is only granted in exceptional, study-related cases: for instance, if the semester at your home university commences during the session examination. You will receive more information via e-mail, please note the specified deadlines. Here you will find the form for shifting exminations.

Visiting Students:

Please be aware that visiting students are not allowed to shift their examinations!

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