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1. AHV (Swiss Old Age and Survivors’ Pension Insurance)

General information

Swiss social insurance is based on the so-called three pillar system, a threefold system of public, occupational and private insurance. Old-age and survivors' insurance and invalidity insurance jointly make up the first pillar with pensions intended to cover basic living costs. A person who has contributed to the OASI system for at least one year is entitled to claim benefits.
The afore mentioned and further information on the Swiss social insurance system is available on the websites of the Federal Social Insurance Office.

AHV Contribution

The contribution for those persons who are subject to AHV payments and who are not in gainful employment is (up to the age of 25)  CHF 480.00 (including administration costs) per calendar year. The amount is raised in the following year by the social insurance office SVA Zürich.

If students earn income from gainful employment which is subject to AHV payments, the amount is reduced by the respective contributions paid by the employee and the employer (5.15% each) on the employee’s salary.

During the first six months of any year, students who are subject to AHV payments receive a questionnaire which they must complete, sign and return to SVA Zürich.

Should you have any questions regarding AHV contributions for persons not in gainful employment, please contact

SVA Zürich
Röntgenstrasse 17
8087 Zurich
Phone 044 448 50 00

Leaflet SVA (PDF, 57 KB) (in German)

Any AHV branch will be able to provide information with regard to all other AHV-related issues.
... see also AHV website:


Swiss OASI Number

The Swiss OASI Number (Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance number), so-called "AHV-Nr.", originally used as Social Security Number, is now widely used as a personal identification number (PIN) for all federal registers such as education and social security.

The PIN consists of an initial 3-digit country code, a nine-digit random number which provides a lifelong, unique and anonymous identification to each person, and a final check digit. Hence, the family name is not encoded in the number.

The Swiss AHV number may be found

  •   in the form of an AHV number on the Swiss health insurance card and on the tax declaration form;
  •   in the form of an insurance number on the Versicherungsausweis AHV-IV insurance card.

The Swiss OASI Number needs to be registered until the start of the 2nd semester by all student groups except

  • special students
  • auditors
  • exchange students
  • teaching certificate (Didaktik-Zertifikat) students

If no AHV number has been supplied by the time of enrolment for the 2nd semester, ETH Zurich will obtain it via an additional procedure. Matriculated ETH students will receive details when they enrol for the semester in the myStudies web application.

AHV contributions upon leaving ETH Zurich

If, during the year in which you leave ETH Zurich, you neither return to your home country, nor commence gainful employment, nor switch to another Swiss university, you must ensure that you continue to pay the AHV contribution.

We therefore strongly recommend that you contact SVA Zürich (see above) after the end of the calendar year. This will help to prevent any possible gaps in contributions which might have an impact once you reach AHV retirement age.

2. Illness, accident and private liability insurance

... please see the leaflet insurance (PDF, 42 KB)

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