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ETH Zurich is committed to excellence in its continuing education. It defines the quality of its continuing education in terms of its impact, i.e. its effect on the participant’s workplace and career, and the transfer of knowledge. It sees its role as being to contribute to lifelong learning by providing continuing education for specialists and managers with an academic background.

Focus areas

Conceptual debate in the field of university continuing education has been dominated in recent years by the globalisation of education markets, the individualisation of people’s educational biographies, lifelong learning and the Bologna Reform. Along with other universities, ETH Zurich is playing an important part in this debate in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe. The key aspects at present or in recent years include:

  • Promotion of university continuing education inside and outside the university
  • Introduction of the MAS, DAS and CAS categories in continuing education
  • Introduction of the credit system to university continuing education
  • Integration of continuing education in the National University Qualifications Framework
  • Establishment of common guidelines for quality development in university continuing education
  • Benchmarking in university continuing education
  • Debate on the implementation of lifelong learning in Swiss universities
  • Future positioning and profiling of university continuing education

Contributing to the debate on continuing education policy

As a national university of international standing, ETH Zurich regularly contributes to discussion on important continuing education matters and feeds its continuing education expertise into the policy debate. Current issues include the following:

  • Consultation on the new Continuing Education Act
  • Consultation on tax allowances for continuing education
  • Consultation on the national qualifications framework for vocational training
  • Consultation on the new accreditation guidelines for Swiss Universities

Administrative projects

ETH Zurich is preparing a new Continuing Education Ordinance in which a high priority is attached to customer-focused, transparent and streamlined processes in marketing, admissions and participant administration. It is working closely with the Academic Services and IT Services. The following projects have recently be finished or are currently underway:

  • New Continuing Education Ordinance: Amendment of legal and institutional framework conditions
  • Eapply: Updating of application and admission processes for MAS and MBA programmes
  • Course management: Setting up of a comprehensive management system for continuing education courses with integrated online registration and digital administration
  • Reporting: Further development of the statistics on continuing education and improvements to management tools
  • Record management: Digital archiving of student documentation
  • Web relaunch: New website
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