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The Centre for Continuing Education offers a wide range of services for the providers of continuous education and e-learning programmes at ETH Zurich.

Publication of continuing education courses

The Centre for Continuing Education publishes your continuing education and e-learning courses in the Continuing Education brochure, on its website and on a number of other portals, in particular that of Swissuni,  the shared continuing education website for all Swiss universities and Federal Institutes of Technology. Our Continuing Education brochure consists of about 180 pages and comes out each year in December.

We publicise courses which are intended for external continuing education customers and for which lecturers at ETH Zurich are responsible or which are (co-)sponsored by ETH Zurich. On the next page you can find out how to notify us about your courses. Please note the criteria for accepting and publishing courses.

Advice and support on short courses

The Centre for Continuing Education advises and supports you in organising your courses and can provide you with various aids for planning, implementing and evaluating them.

The Centre for Continuing Education offers:

  • Support with PR work
  • Financial support (deficit guarantee)
  • Organisational aids and checklists
  • Evaluation tools for written and online surveys
  • Help with finding premises

Tools for the organisation of continuing education courses

Support with MAS, DAS and CAS programmes

The Centre for Continuing Education supports the providers of MAS, DAS and CAS programmes with market analysis, regulations and applications, setting up quality control procedures and reporting. Please contact us at an early stage if you are planning a new programme.

The Centre for Continuing Education offers:


  • Advice and support with setting up new programmes
  • Advice and support with existing programmes
  • Help with preparing regulations, business plans and applications to the Executive Board
  • Support with PR work
  • Tools and checklists
  • Provision of financial and personnel resources
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Sharing experience and best practice (ETH continuing education forum)

For MAS and MBA programmes, it also offers:


  • Advice for students and potential students
  • The online application process, admission, matriculation and entering Switzerland
  • Student administration, registration and invoicing
  • Preparation of degree certificates, transcripst and diploma supplements

How to plan an MAS, DAS or CAS

ETH continuing education forum

To encourage the sharing of experience between programme managers, once or twice a year we organise a half-day continuing education forum on a current focus topic.

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