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Quality in continuing education

Continuing education at ETH Zurich is measured against the highest international standards. It is based on the Recommendation of Swissuni, Association for Swiss University Continuing Education, and its own strategic principles. Continuing education is an integral part of the regular peer reviews carried out by the departments and also of the institutional quality audits carried out by the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education (OAQ).

There are some special requirements when it comes to quality assurance for continuing education programmes:

  1. Customers, employers and professional associations primarily define quality as the impact on a person’s workplace and career.
  2. Rapidly changing needs require a high degree of flexibility and customer focus. A course is hardly ever exactly the same as it was the last time.
  3. The potential for making comparisons with other programmes is generally limited, because continuing education programmes serve specific target groups, employ a wide range of different teaching staff from academia and industry and are often the only one of their kind on the market.

ETH Zurich’s top priority is quality development. To achieves this goal it involves all the main stakeholders (participants, alumni, employers, specialist associations etc.) in the planning and evaluation of the programmes. Continuing education programmes are only rarely accredited, for example in industries where accreditation is standard procedure.

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