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Continuing education has enjoyed a high status at ETH Zurich for years and is experiencing strong demand. In order to continue to be able to achieve its strategic objectives and quality standards, ETH Zurich aims for moderate qualitative growth.

Courses and numbers of participants (2016)

Offer Part. female foreign Grad. female foreign
15 MAS 409
203 41% 59%
6 DAS 97 23% 32% 9
12 CAS 334
44% 31% 101
45% 18%
53 FEC 1258 45%
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In 2016, 1300 people attended one of the 53 further education courses (FEC) at ETH Zurich and aprox. 800 people took one of the 35 MAS, DAS and CAS programmes. The proportion of women on the MAS, DAS and CAS programmes was between 23-44%, and that of foreigners between 31-32%. In the short courses, 45% of the participants were women, 17% were foreigners.

Qualitative growth

Trends in participant numbers

The number of participants on the longer programmes has grown steadily in recent years. The growth has been mainly on the MAS and DAS courses, while the CAS programmes have stayed at the same level. The growth in DAS programmes is partly due to the fact that this format was only introduced at ETH Zurich a few years ago.

Proportion of women and foreigners

The proportions of women and foreign students have also increased in the last ten years, across all types of programme. The two charts show the proportions among those students who successfully completed their courses.

Proportion of women graduating, as percentage


Proportion of foreigners graduating, as percentage


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