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Your point of contact for all continuing education matters

The Centre for Continuing Education is the central point of contact for all administrative and planning matters relating to continuing education at ETH Zurich. It coordinates courses, provides services for customers and course providers, makes its expertise available to external and internal stakeholders and has excellent national and international connections.

Services for continuing education customers

  • Information and advertising (website, brochure, press)
  • Individual advice on continuing education courses at ETH Zurich
  • Online registration, admission and matriculation (MAS and MBA)
  • Administrative support during the study programme (MAS and MBA)
  • Online registration for continuing education courses
  • Quality control and evaluation

Services for programme managers and lecturers at ETH Zurich

  • Coordination and planning of continuing education at ETH Zurich
  • Advertising and PR work (internet, press, brochures)
  • Support with setting up and running courses
  • Matriculation and administration of MAS and MBA students
  • Market analysis studies and need assessments
  • Provision of checklists and other tools
  • Support with quality management
  • Reporting and statistics

Services for continuing education providers

Services for companies, professional associations and other training providers

  • Support with in-house trainings
  • Support with partnership projects
  • Preparing continuing education concepts for external customers
  • Advice for organisers of continuing education programmes
  • Expert opinions and mandates on continuing education matters

Services for companies, association and educational institutions

Projects and concepts

Publications and documents

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